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The Community Foundation leads, inspires and encourages

all individuals and organizations

to create or contribute to lasting philanthropic charitable legacies,

using the power of collective philanthrophy

to improve the quality of life primarily in Chester County.


For Good. Forever.


A copy of the Chester County Community Foundation’s offical registration and financial information may be obtained by calling the PA. Dept. of State at 1-800-732-0999 (toll free in PA). Registration does not imply endorsement. EIN 23-2773822. Please not that per IRS regulations, as a game of chance, raffle tickets are not tax-deductible. Special raffle permit license # 1869.

Giving for Good Gala

SAVE THE DATE: June 5, 2010

Co-chaired by John & Wiggie Featherman


Louis N. Teti, Esq., Outgoing Board Chair

Michael B. Karwic, CFP, CRPC, Incoming Board Chair

Date: June 5th, 2010
6:30 p.m.
The Malvern Home of John & Rosemary Diederich

Catering by Jimmy Duffy & Sons
Music by Jon Lewis Orchestra
Black Tie / Garden Party

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Sweet Chairty

March 23, 2010

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Featuring luscious desserts by:
Amani’s ~ Brandywine Prime ~ Brickside Grille ~ Butterfish ~ Carlino’s Market ~ Cupcakes Gourmet ~ General Warren Inne ~ Hartefeld National Golf Club ~ Jimmy Duffy & Sons ~ Lincoln Room ~ The Master’s Baker ~ New Street Catering ~ Newton’s on State ~ Pace One Restaurant &  Country Inn ~ Spence Café ~ St. Peter’s Bakery ~ Wegman’s ~ Whitford County Club

Care Package

I returned to work after 16 years at home raising children.  I was nervous and sad – my youngest was 13 and I worried about how this would change her life.  On my first day of work my husband and daughter showed up at my office with a beautiful Vera Bradley purse – it was filled with things I might need!  Inside were a planner, my favorite pens, a bottle of Tylenol (!), a How to Use A Computer book, and best of all, a framed photo of my daughter.  While I worried about her, she worried about me but she is the one who sweetly thought of ways to make my going back to work easier.


Friday, the 13th.

My dear friend Fern has been fighting breast cancer for 6 years. Right after this New Year’s she found out it has metasticised to her brain. It has already moved to her bones a year previously. She began a daily regime of radtioation in addition to the chemotherapy that she was already receiving. This was to go on for three weeks. Despite this she threw me my first ever surprise party for my 40th birthday on 1/13.


Lead Foot

My father recently suffered a heart attack this past September. It struck me in the midst of a family feud between my parents before I left for my final year in college. It was so bad that I was contemplating transferring to the Philippines to live with my grandparents to escape the drama. When she received the news of my father’s heart attack, my girlfriend rushed home from work to speed me to the hospital where my father was being treated. I was in complete disbelief as I saw my father being carted out of surgery. My girlfriend just held my hand as I cried while the doctor explained to us that my father was very lucky to be alive. To this day, she has never let go. My family did not expect me to come to the hospital that night and because of my girlfriend’s loving actions, I was able to reconnect with my family and we are no longer at war with each other.


In Sickness and in Health

Last year I had breast cancer.  My husband of 14 years is the President of a company with four offices.  He attended each doctor’s appointment with me.  He changed his schedule, left meetings early, and never mentioned how long each visit took.  He held my hand and cried with me.  When I had surgery, he stayed with me all day, every day.  I was in Chester County Hospital for 6 days when I had my mastectomy and reconstruction, and he did not ever mention work, or what he was missing.  When I returned home the first week I was unable to do much for myself.  He helped me wash my hair, shower and care for my incisions.  He told me he was proud of me, and that I was brave.  When I took our marriage vows, I never thought it would be me who would need him “in sickness or in health”.  When he cared for me through my cancer, he was always present, kind and uncomplaining.  It was the sweetest most wonderful thing anyone could have done.